Totally Obsessed

Talking to interesting people about that interesting thing that interests them

As a weekly project, I host an interview podcast – to scratch the broadcasting itch, but also to meet and chat with interesting people.

I believe that interesting people have interested brains – brains that are susceptible to obsession. Whether lifelong obsessions, or new discoveries, these people are desperate for a chance to wax lyrical, if only someone would ask them. Well… I ask!

Now months into this project, my theory has not been disproven. Covering topics as diverse as Houdini, bats, Disneyland, Kylie Minogue, erotica, and antique glass bottles, and guests from media, journalism, comedy, food and marketing, this has been an enjoyable journey which is still unfolding.

In its first three months, the podcast was selected for Apple’s “New and Noteworthy”, was chosen as one of Apple’s Best of 2018, and has received positive coverage. You can listen on the iTunes store and on Spotify.