Tony Galati The Musical

You say potato… I say REVOLUTION!

WINNER – Fringe Weekly Award

FINALIST – Best Theatre Award

★★★★½ – The West Australian

★★★★½ – Fringe Feed

Inspired by the tale of Tony Galati – the immigrant-born “Spud King” of Western Australia who challenged the draconian Potato Marketing Corporation and won – I decided to write my first ever musical. The result is part “The Wog Boy”, part “The Castle”, and part “Hamilton” and premiered at Perth Fringe World 2019.

Over six months, I researched his story and wrote the script and the lyrics. Caleb Garfinkel wrote the music. The cast is an ensemble of West Australian actors. The director is Nicole Stinson and the producer is Sonia Arakkal.

Upon release of the Fringe World schedule, Perth’s three news outlets ran with the headline “Tony Galati the Musical… and 700 other shows at Fringe World.”

All tickets sold out within weeks, and two more shows were added, which also sold out. The show won a Weekly Fringe Award and was a finalist for the overall Best Theatre Award. Tony Galati said of the show “blew me away … some of it was very emotional, especially the bits about my father.”