Graham Shugg: Entrepreneur

I’m Graham Shugg, and I’m here to teach you how to be an entrepreneur

With the aim of satirising politics, start up culture, and misplaced male confidence, myself and Luke Ryan devised the character of Graham Shugg.

Graham Shugg started life during the 2016 election as a fictional Minister with a Facebook page who commented on the events of the campaign, while the storyline of his own doomed career and marriage unfolded. It allowed us an opportunity to comment on the media cycle, and work with character and tone of voice. His Harambe meme went lightly viral.

He then gained new life in his own web series. Shot entirely on iPhone and imitating Instagram stories, the run time of the whole series is the length of a sitcom pilot. I’ve never seen a story told this way before so I think it’s pretty neat.